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Metallic Watercolor Manufacturers

Ningbo Changxiang Stationery Co. Ltd. is one of top ten metallic watercolor manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have specialized in watercolor products for art  painting,painting polish nails,and wrapping flowers for 13 years and exported our products to more than 50 countries with stable delivery, competitive price,good quality and services.

Metallic watercolor is one of watercolor that add extra shine powder to your art.each metallic watercolor contains shinny,unique and brilliant colors that apply to the surface like liquid metal. The pigments are filled with metallic pigments that can be mixed with water co create a shimmering effect. These quick-drying paints can be reactivated so you don't need to worry about leaving your paints out to dry. Metallic paints reflect brighter than solid paints. It looks best under direct,natural light,but even on a dull day they still shine.

Metallic watercolor can not only be used for painting, but also DIY handwork, and nail art can also be extremely beautiful.
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High quality Metallic Watercolor with cheap price can be wholesaled from our factory called Changxiang Stationery which is one of the manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our products was labelled "Made in China”. We have an experienced technical development team, pave the way for producing the fancy products.Over the years, we have provided customers with customized service. If you are interested in buying our latest selling products, please contact us. You can buy discount Metallic Watercolor at any time if it is necessary. We also can provide you with free samples. We look forward to cooperating with you, if you want to know more, you can consult us now, we will reply to you in time!