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28 Color Watercolors Pan Set

28 Color Watercolors Pan Set

Chang Xiang is committed to providing top-notch, trendy 28 Color Watercolors Pan Sets at competitive prices, complemented by exceptional customer service. Our professional premium 28 Color Watercolors Pan Set features 28 assorted vibrant colors, including 28 glitter shades. These paints are meticulously crafted to deliver outstanding coverage and vivid color payoff, empowering kids to create stunning artwork with ease.

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You can trust in the quality of our 28 Color Watercolors Pan Set from our factory. Immerse yourself in the brilliance of these Metallic Watercolors, where each stroke feels like painting with liquid metal! Rich, creamy colors glide smoothly with an infusion of mesmerizing sparkles, turning every brushstroke into a delightful spectacle. The accompanying Techniques Guide not only demonstrates the art of using gel pens but also unveils the secrets of achieving fine line pen effects. Dive into the guide's practice project, allowing you to draw directly within its pages before embarking on your own imaginative creations!

The Chang Xiang Solid professional premium watercolor paint set features 28 assorted vibrant colors, including 28 glitter colors, and comes with a watercolor brush. Each glitter color block in this metallic watercolor set is meticulously handmade and pre-mixed with iridescent medium. Crafted from extra fine and pure pigments, these watercolors exhibit high saturation and lightfastness.

Formulated with Arabic gum, these watercolors enhance gloss and transparency, resulting in vivid colors and increased solubility. The 28 Color Watercolors Pan Set is suitable for adults, beginners, hobbyists, and artists alike.

With 28 unique glitter colors, this 28 Color Watercolors Pan Set offers a dazzling effect, perfect for shimmering and highlighting in your artwork. The colors are bright, long-lasting, and possess high transparency and coloring power. Whether you're a professional artist or a hobbyist, these metallic watercolor paints are ideal for creating stunning paintings that reflect your unique style and creativity.

What sets this 28 Color Watercolors Pan Set apart is its ease of use. Unlike traditional watercolors, it's simple to apply these solid watercolors – just wet your brush and watch the colors come to life on your paper. Cleaning up is hassle-free with water, eliminating concerns about spills on clothes or other items.

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