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Watercolor Paints Solid Color
  • Watercolor Paints Solid ColorWatercolor Paints Solid Color
  • Watercolor Paints Solid ColorWatercolor Paints Solid Color
  • Watercolor Paints Solid ColorWatercolor Paints Solid Color

Watercolor Paints Solid Color

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Product Description

1.Product Introduction

You can rest assured to buy Watercolor Paints Solid Color from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. We do everything we can to add value to our customers' experiences, allowing us to be their best option. Watercolor Paints Solid Color half pan filled with rich coloring materials, the colors are  vibrant and subtle, with good transparency.  Good stability, good light resistance, not easy oxidation, can be stored for a long time.  Color block design, can be divided  according to their own habits.  
Rich watercolor pigments in half pan provide streamlined consistency when used in a variety of applications and materials, easy to paint, and durable.  
Each watercolor can be replaced individually, all half POTS are detachable and can be washed and then reused, ready for the next project, and easy to use for amateurs and professional painters of all skill levels.

2.Product Parameter (Specification)

Product name: Watercolor Paints Solid Color Color: 12colors
Capacity: 3ml Usage: Art painting
Age: Over 36months Single size: 28mm
Material: Non-toxic Color Paint OEM/ODM: acceptable
Shape: Round Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China

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3.Product Feature And Application

Watercolor Paints Solid Color are a safe painting option for children and adults of all ages.before getting started,it’s always best to have an initial sketch of what you plan to paint laid out on your work surface.this is known as your foundation and will help guide you as you build your masterpiece.
Tips and techniques:Dry brushing,sponging,wash and salt are just a few of the techniques used to create various effects.
Dry brushing-A technique in which a paintbrush is used dry,but still holds paint,doing this creates coarse,scrathy textures like wood or grass.to achieve,load your brush up with paint then wipe off excess.next,lightly drag your brush across your work surface.
Sponging-A technique commonly used to create trees,bushes,rocks,clouds and coarse texture.to achieve,use a natural sponge to pick up a little color off your palette.then lightly dab your surface repeatly in the area in which you are working.
Wash-A technique that results in a smooth,uniform area that lacks the appearance of brush strokes,to achieve,load your brush with paint.start from one side of your painting and drag the color to the other side.repeat one stroke under the other.you can produce gradient tones(dark to light)by adding water and less paint.
Salt-A dappled texture can be achieved by simply sprinkling a little table salt over a wet surface.wait for it to dry,then brush away.

Watercolor Paints Solid ColorWatercolor Paints Solid Color    

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