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Ningbo Changxiang Stationery Co.,ltd is one of the leading factory of China Watercolor Paint .The company that was found in 2009,now constitutes a strong brand of watercolor and the products are delivered to around 50 countries worldwide. In the area of watercolor, Changxiang is one of the global leading brands.

Changxiang enjoys an excellent reputation for its high quality and advanced technologies and it sets itself the goal of producing watercolors for premium demands. For this purpose,as well as the aesthetic aspects,it also includes technical and physical performance values.

Watercolor Paint , also spelled Watercolour, is a paint made from gum (usually Arabic gum) ground and applied to a painted surface (usually paper) with a brush and water; The term also refers to works of art created in this medium. This pigment is usually transparent, but it can be mixed with white teeth to form a form called body color or gouache, making it opaque; It can also be mixed with casein, a special material found in milk.

Watercolor is more extensive and varied than any other method of painting. Transparent watercolor allows a freshness and brightness in its wash, as well as a neat calligraphic touch that makes it the most alluring medium. There is one basic difference between transparent watercolor and other heavy painting media--its transparency. An oil painter can paint an opaque color on top of another color until he achieves the desired effect. White is opaque white. Watercolor painters do the opposite. In essence, instead of adding content, he ignored it. White paper creates white.  When the pigment flows out of the test tube or is mixed with only a small amount of water, it can appear on the paper in its blackest hues. Otherwise, the color will be diluted by water. The more water washed, the greater the paper's effect on color; For example, cinnabar, a warm red, will gradually turn cold pink as it is diluted with more water.

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