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Semi Moist Watercolor Manufacturers

Ningbo Changxiang Stationery Co.,ltd is one of leading manufacture of China  semi moist watercolor suppliers in Zhejiang,China. We have been in the industry for more than 13 years since  2009, as a professional vendor of semi moist watercolor, we inspected and packaged by export standard, our products are quite popular all over the world, especially European and American customers.

What’s the difference between semi moist watercolor and solid watercolor?

-Compared with the ordinary solid watercolor, the semi moist watercolor is inferior to the solid powder, but it is easier to dip into.the color mixing effect is better than the ordinary watercolor. The semi moist watercolor diffusion effect is similar to that of the watercolor. Semi-dry watercolors are delicate but in small quantities.solid watercolor are a little rough but plentiful. Semi-dry is the dried liquid material,not easy to keep for long,Solid watercolor can keep for long time. the surface of Semi-dry watercolor is much smooth and brighter than solid watercolor.
How to use semi moist watercolor?
-Dip some paint over a speck of paint with a paint brush,gently mix the pigment into the puddle until well blended.rinse your brushes, then repeat these steps to create more puddles to mix. When you’re done,clean up the palette.

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High quality Semi Moist Watercolor with cheap price can be wholesaled from our factory called Changxiang Stationery which is one of the manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our products was labelled "Made in China”. We have an experienced technical development team, pave the way for producing the fancy products.Over the years, we have provided customers with customized service. If you are interested in buying our latest selling products, please contact us. You can buy discount Semi Moist Watercolor at any time if it is necessary. We also can provide you with free samples. We look forward to cooperating with you, if you want to know more, you can consult us now, we will reply to you in time!