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Tips for watercolor paint


Watercolor paints depict scenes through changes in water and color. The artistic image in painting is composed of lines, light and shade, and color blocks, while the light and shade level in watercolor paint is represented by the amount of water.
1. Watercolor rendering is a technique commonly used in architectural painting. Watercolor performance requires accurate draft graphics, cleaning. And very pay attention to the amount of water content on the paper and pen, that is, the shade of the picture color, the virtual reality of the space, the interest of the brush all depend on the grasp of water.
2. The coloring process is generally from light to deep, from far to near. Highlights are usually reserved in advance. When a large area of paint is painted, the pigment should be more than less, the general trend of the hue should be basically accurate, and the color with too much contrast is easy to get dirty after repeated.

Watercolor paint